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A complete custom website just for you, with your branding colors, photos, services and more to bring a complete and professional experience to your clients.


You must use Wix as your web host (I can help you pick a plan but "core" is a good one for most)


6 week turnaround once design has started (waitlist time not included)


Completed Sites:


Web Design

SKU: WebDesign
  • Payment due in full up front when purchasing.

    No Refund Permitted.

    You are included in the design process, to give feedback and requested changes. Once complete you are allotted one "update" to your site for photos, added info etc. any major design chages will require another web design purchase (with a discounted rate)

    All requested materials are required before design can begin, any delay in providing materials will result in delay of web completion. 

    If Materials are not provided within 2 weeks of request you may be skipped on the list and will be placed behind the next person in line in order to keep things timely for those on the waitlist.

  • All Web Design clients msut sign up for a Wix plan prior to site design beginning. I can help figure which plan would be best for you.

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