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The Alpine Brush pack includes everything you need to finish your photos in Lightroom.

You receive 15 brushes that include my skin, sky and client brushes as well as a fun brush I have loved to use, the fog brush!

I have also included 1 click adjustment presets that utilize Lightroom AI technology to apply brushes for skin smoothing, eye enhancement, and others!

You will receive 2 zip files, one for the local adjustments (brushes) one for the preset adjustments (import these as presets).

Parks & Peaks- Alpine Brush Pack

SKU: AlpineBrushes
  • All sales are final.

    By purchasing these brushes you agree not to distribute the brushes or any variation of these brushes. You may not "tweak" and market them as your own, or resell them as your own.

    To do so is theft and you will be prosecuted accordingly.  

    These brushes are copyright property of Grand Adventure Photography.

  • For use with Adobe Lightroom Classic (LrC)

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