About Me

Hey everyone! Thanks for coming to my page, I am Bailey, the photographer and storyteller behind "Grand Adventure Photography". I'm a lover of adventure, puns and pizza, and a mother to a little explorer and 2 pups!  I finally began this business November of 2018, I have always had a passion for photography but having my son gave me the "push" (ha, see that pun right there, you’re welcome) I needed to finally begin my professional photography journey.

A session with me focuses on capturing real moments of love, laughter and life. after-all, One day, photos will be all you have to look back on, I want those photos to show you with a laugh on your lips that you can hear, a picture of your son running in the sand playing tag with his Dad, warming your heart like always. 

But don't worry, I help create these real moments to keep your session fun and stress free, and I generally leave with clients as new friends!

send me a message and we can bring your vision to life.

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